Wayang Sapuh Leger

It is fast becoming a tradition for those born on ‘wayang pawukon’ to perform ‘wayang’ at least once during their childhood as a symbolic and spiritual way to save him or her from being chased by Divine Kala. This shadow puppet performance is called a ‘sapuleger’; a performance aimed to mentally and spiritually cleanse. More mature people can also hold a ‘Sapuleger’: for example, after he or she recovers from a serious illness, or to be protected from a series of misfortunes. Many people, including those who were not born on ‘wayang pawukon’, also hold a ‘sapuleger’ for the same reasons or to ensure a safe and better future life.

Behind the Wayang performance of Sapuh Leger, it performs the story of Lord Kala (the son of Shiva) to prey babies who are born at wuku wayang, pursuing his own sister Rare Kumara who was born on this day.