BALISTOCKPHOTOS.COM is an image library that owns a collection of amazing images of Bali. Captured by our professional contributors and photographers, our library is complete with editorial, commercial, and stock images of Bali to suit every need.
  • Royalty Free License
    All free and sold images in BALISTOCKPHOTOS.COM are royalty free images where users who purchase – either a paid or free download – will not need to pay royalties or license fees for every use. All images is a one time purchase / download and can be used for a lifetime.
  • How fresh are the images in BALISTOCKPHOTOS.COM
    We work and partner closely with professional photographers here on the island. The selected contributors are those that we know who has passion in capturing the beauty of Bali almost on an every day basis. We can assure you that new images are uploaded every day.
  • What is a Model Release?
    A model release is a liability waiver agreement that is legal and signed by the model that is shown in the photograph. This is needed to grant permission from the model for the photographer to publish, sell and use the photograph in one or another form.
  • What is a Property Release?
    Property release is a legal agreement signed by the owner of a property, which is used in a photograph. This grants the photographer to use, publish, sell and use the photograph in one or another form.
  • How to pay with PayPal?
    Purchasing an image on BALISTOCKPHOTOS.COM can easily be done as we use PayPal as our payment system. You can use any card, credit or debit, and always feel secure with your account details. If you do not have a PayPal account, please click here to create an account.
  • Is there a fee to create an account at BALISTOCKPHOTOS.COM?
    Creating an account is free of charge. Lucky you!
  • How to create an account at BALISTOCKPHOTOS.COM?
    Follow the few simple steps. To begin, click here
  • How long will the content be available to download after purchase?
    All purchased images will be available for download forever. You can download it at any time through the purchase history menu in the admin panel, click here.
  • Do I need to buy credits to purchase an Image like other stock photos websites?
    We have made it as simple as possible. You will only need to make payments once you purchase an image. You will not need to purchase credits, store credits and worry about credits being expired.
  • How many images can I purchase?
    Feel free to purchase as much as images you need. There is no limit of purchase in one day.
  • How can I subscribe to BALISTOCKPHOTOS.COM newsletter?
    You can choose this option when creating an account. If you’ve missed it, you may subscribe to our newsletter and special promotional information by registering now – click here
  • How long can I use the free downloaded images?
    BALISTOCKPHOTOS.COM free stock of images is free from any fees, including royalty free license. You may use this image for a lifetime. However, you would still need to create an account before downloading a free image.

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